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Classic - Inspired by vintage 1980's drum machines, the mR-606 looks and sounds amazing. Individual level knob- for each drum sound - kick, snare, toms, hats, cymbal and accent.
Easy to use - All features and controls work just like the hardware drum boxes you love. Scale switch - For complicated rhythms and crazy beats, 16, 16T, 32 and 32T.
Ajust tempo - From 40-240 BPM, you can make beats for all your favourite styles of music. Copy and Paste - build beats fast with intuitive copy and paste of patterns, all while the beat is still playing.

youtube Demonstration/ Tutorial Video.


mR-606 is now MIDI Compatible:

-Line6 MIDI Mobilizer and Core MIDI compatible.
-trigger from an external sequencer or DAW.
-Responds to MIDI Note on and MIDI Program Change messages.
-Sequencer outputs MIDI Note on messages to control an external sound source.
-MIDI Clock Output for accurate syncing with other equipment.

***Select input and output channels and sync mode in the iOS settings app.***

You can now use your iPhone/iPad and mR-606 with other drum machines, sequencers, samplers, synths, arpeggiators, DAW's etc.

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